In the event of an emergency

Albert Cottage Veterinary Clinic will provide veterinary care for its clients during our opening times:

9:00am - 7:00pm - Monday to Friday

9:00am - 1:00pm - Saturday

In the event of your animal needing emergency treatment during our opening hours, please telephone us on 01752 843397.

In the event of an emergency outside of the opening hours stated above, please contact:

Plymouth Veterinary Hospital:
Tel: 01752 702646
Address: Plymouth Veterinary Hospital, Colwill Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 8RP
Website: www.plymouthvets.co.uk

Out of Hours Veterinary Care Provision Policy

Outside of these times, emergency care for your pet will be provided by Plymouth Veterinary Hospital in Plymouth. This hospital has a 24 hour on-site veterinary team with specialised intensive care equipment. They will be able to give advice, see your pet and provide all necessary treatment. If needed, your pet will be hospitalised and cared for until it is well enough to return home or be transported back to Albert Cottage.

It always our aim to provide a dedicated and caring service to our clients and our veterinary surgeons will continue to direct and manage your pet’s medical care. They will liaise with the team at PVH to ensure treatment continuity and will be available to discuss any queries you may have regarding the emergency care provided.

If your pet is already hospitalised with us at Albert Cottage, one of our veterinary surgeons will discuss with you the recommended care plan for your pet overnight. If they feel intensive care is required, they will recommend that your pet is transferred to PVH for ongoing care. Our vet will discuss the treatment plan with PVH to ensure they are fully informed. If the vet feels that your pet requires less intensive care, your pet may be discharged home or your pet can remain here at Albert Cottage overnight. A veterinary nurse will check on your pet as needed overnight but 24-hour care cannot be provided.

We are confident with the care and service that PVH provides out of hours. They are very experienced and have the full range of diagnostic and monitoring equipment needed. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding your care, please contact us and will endeavour to resolve any issues you may have.